Get the season's hottest indoor-plant pots early before they  vanish! Here's my list of the summer's most modern and aesthetically pleasing pots for your indoor plants (and where to buy them!).

March 7th 2021


Opolis Wood Company "Hand-made, dipped pots"

Opolis Wood Company dipped pots ($100-$200) 

First on the list and in no particular order is this wonderful collection of fresh and modern pots created by Niko Stratha of Opolis Wood Company. Inspired by Stathas's roots in the Cuyamaca Mountains of San Diego County, Opolis Wood Co. hand crafts  furniture and decor using sustainably sourced materials and methods.

The large dipped planter basket is made entirely of segmented wood pieces and turned to precision. The large basket stands at 9.5" in height and 11.0" in  diameter, while the small pot is 8.0" in interior diameter by 7.5" in height.  The bottom of each basket is finished with a complimentary paint color that stands against the beautiful natural grain of the wood varieties offered. It is then finished with premium leather handles, making it not only strong, but also an eye-catching statement piece to any room.

To create this basket, Niko starts with a rough cut of wooden segments, then uses a lathe to shape it by hand.   After the wood leaves the lathe, it is then dipped and finished with an all-natural mixture of linseed oil and beeswax. 

**Do not plant directly in planter. Recommend watering and draining plants prior to returing them to the planter and always using the included plastic tray inside the planter**

Two variants and multiple colors each

The larger pot, 11.0"x9.5" shown with a lovely blush-dipped base and leather handles.  Available in White, Tan, Congac, Blush, Black, Hunter Green and Navy. Available Here and Here

The smaller pot, 8.0"x7.5" shown with a fresh and modern dipped base. Available in White, Tan, Congac, Blush, Black, Hunter Green and Navy. Available here and Here

This elegant and modern collection would be perfect for your showpiece/specimen indoor plants. The large, white-dipped pot would go lovely with your new M. deliciosa Albo Variegata, or that P. gloriosum that has been glowing up your corner by the window. 

Wonderfully handcrafted with responsibly sourced materials, this collection will extend the beauty of the plant calling it home. 

Check out all of the other incredible home goods and aesthetically pleasing decor available from Opolis Wood Company  such as their tables, cutting boards and bowls while you're at it. 

This list is in no particular order but if it were, this collection would rank quite high. 

Classy. Subtle. Modern. This is the pot collection you've been looking for.

**For every product purchased, one tree is planted through One Tree Planted, a partnership and commitment made by Opolis Wood Co. to provide a sustainable future for trees. Every product made preserves the character and grain of each unique piece of wood while using next - level craftsmanship to produce the high quality pieces of art. This ensures that each product is truly one of a kind and crafted with care.

My plant recommendations:

"Mint" Monstera deliciosa would offer a fantastic color compliment to the larger dipped white pot. This collection would provide ample size for growth, while not distracting to the form of the plant.

Stromanthe sanguinea triostar would look absolutely lovely in  either the large or small pink-dipped pot. Perfectly complimentary colors and aesthetic to calm and enhance any space.

10/10 would recommend!


Rio Cache "Terra-Cotta pot Collection"

Rio Cache Terra-Cotta pot Collection ($17-$35)

As my rare cactus collection decreases, I find myself using terracotta less and less but, I simply could not turn down ranking this Rio Cache Collection!

The warm geometric patterns of off-white and terracotta mix together so well, bringing a calming sense of tranquility to any home.This collection doesn't detract from the natural beauty of the plant it holds but rather, it balances and compliments the plant with subtlety and warmth. This three piece collection offers a large 7.0" diameter by 7.25" height pot, a medium 5.0" diameter by 5.25" height. pot, and, a small 4.0" diameter by 4.25" height. pot. Each piece in the collection comes with its corresponding white saucer/tray to collect residual water. 

This pot would compliment many plants well; I'm imagining either the wonderful blue-green hue of Myrtilliocactus geometrizans f. cristata looking amazing, or the gorgeous form of Pilocereus Azureus (Blue Torch Cactus). 

Large - $35

Medium - $30

Small - $17

My plant recommendations:

Myrtillocactus geometrizans 

develops a wonderful blue coating to protect from harsh ultraviolet light from direct sun, making this a wonderful addition to the hues and design of the Rio Cache Collection

Myrtillocactus geometrizans f. cristata

also contains this lovely blue-green hue of protection but additionally, offers a dazzling display of swirling growth. 


SchoolHouse Collection

SchoolHouse Collection ($149)

I can't stress enough how much I love the clean lines of the SchoolHouse Collection! 

When it comes to houseplants and their pots, I think that many times there is, unfortunately, a battle  going on between the plant and the pot. When the two are competing for attention, the beauty may be decreased significantly and the impact lost. Pots should compliment their plant, not detract from it. This SchoolHouse Collection serves to do just that- offer a bold, yet simple design to showcase the plant and enhance the room around it. 

Masterful ceramic craftsmanship and clean lines come together to make this planter an everyday essential for the modern plant parent. Its straight-forward cylindrical shape lends itself well to an array of styles. Thoughtful sizing allows this planter to fit most 10.0" nursery pots while slightly raised feet pair with a deep overflow saucer to prevent plants from sitting in water.

This collection is available now in two colors, white and black and one size- 10.5" in diameter, by 9.25" in height. 

An obvious choice for any fan of modern design. Pick yours up here before they're gone this summer!

My plant recommendations: 

The shape and form of Phildendron gloriosum would go perfectly with this large pot. 

Enough room to grow into for years and years to come, and a delicate balance between the dark green hues of the foliage, and the white or black ceramic of the pot would serve as a striking piece of art in any room. 

Much like Phildendron gloriosum, Anthurium crystallinum offers similar shape and form with perhaps an even deeper green foliage. 

These showpiece plants deserve an equally striking pot to stand out and call home.

Anthurium warocqueanum's form is striking and would pair well with either color of this ceramic pot collection. 

SchoolHouse's ceramic planter doesn't clash with the already stunning plant, but instead, offers to showcase and highlight its form and beauty. 


Misewell's "Portico"

Misewell's "Portico" ($149)

Once in a while I come across a hanging pot that I simply cannot walk away from. Misewell's "Portico" does just that! 

This is a master-class in stoneware plant decor. The way the cord is integrated into the pot is both sleek and smart- solving one of my biggest gripes with many hanging planters out there today.The Portico offers a beautiful way to showcase your vining or trailing plants in style. Its design is unobtrusive and lets the plant stand out. 

Brothers Vincent and Paul Georgeson founded Misewell in 2009 with an eye on crafting local, well designed and responsibly made furniture. Today, Misewell is an award-winning design company that creates modern pieces for your home, office and more. The Portico is a playful reimagining of a classic hanging planter. 

The Portico is offered in a gorgeous Bone White, as well as a stunning splash of Coral. 

One size- 6.0" in diameter and 7.5" in height. 

Get yours now here directly at Misewell, or here at West Elm

My plant recommendations:

Cleistocactus winterii's long wispy growth and stunning fruiting process would be a gorgeous marriage with the splash of Coral on the Portico.

It's important that the plant be shaped regularly to avoid obfuscating the unique design of the pot. 

Peperomia prostrata's deep green foliage and perky growth would be a perfect balance with this planter! 

It's important that the plant be shaped regularly to avoid obfuscating the unique design of the pot. 

Scindapsus pictus' splashes of silver and muted emerald hues would pair wonderfully with the planter. 

It's important that the plant be shaped regularly to avoid obfuscating the unique design of the pot.


Modernica's "Hex"

Modernica's "Hex" ($225)

Hear me out here...Modernica's take on the ubiquitous mid-century modern planter level. 

I usually don't find myself quite as starry-eyed over these sorts of planters but there is some magic in this pot. I found this one in a houseplant shop in Southern California and the moment I touched it I could tell some serious love went into making it. The pot itself is expertly hand-crafted and has some serious weight. The legs are offered in teak, as well as a black powder-coated metal.

This planter was made specifically to make whatever is inside of it... shine. Striking modern overtones with a beautiful smooth finish, this pot will absolutely be a talking piece of any space. 

There are four colors offered- white, pebble, charcoal, and steel blue- each with it's own ambiance and vibe.The version shown here is the "small" version at 10.0" in diameter and 12.0" in height without the stand and 13.0" in diameter and 18.0" in height with the stand. 

I purchased this pot for my Monstera epipremnoides (esqueleto for the plant nerds) and its striking


Get this one before its sold out...AGAIN

Modernica's ceramic work and stoneware is humbling. Do yourself a favor and check out their website to truly take in all of their craft. 

Go look

Another example of Modernica's high quality mid-century modern planters. This one is called "Diamond" and is deceptively large and heavy. 

My plant recommendations:

There's just something about S. laurentii in a mid-century modern pot that just works. Maybe it's the height, or maybe even just the elegance of the plant itself. Not too sure what it is exactly but, I'd recommend it. 

This pot is large enough to accommodate laurentii (or any other Sanseveria really) to maturity and would make a statement in any home

Dioon Edule is a wonderfully magnificent plant, and would be beautifully complimented  in Modernica's "Hex" 

The plant boasts a wonderful blue-green coating and has a striking form. Keep this plant elevated as members of this plant family are toxic to both humans and pets. 

Last but not least, the M. deliciosa Albo Variegata would make a wonderful addition to this pot in ceramic white. 

The emerald tones of the foliage, and the white of the variegation compliment this mid-century modern planter well.

Of course, it doesn't need to be Albo Variegata, M. deliciosa standard form would do nicely also!

I recommend (as always) attempting to prune M. deliciosa in the standard form- that is, upright, tall and avoid bushing.


Area Ware's "Stacking Planter"

Area Wares's "Stacking Planter" ($72-$90)

I suspect that many of you will agree with me when I say that this pot is just plain fun! 

Designed by Chen Chen & Kai Williams for Area Ware, CCKW is a New York-based design studio working in furniture, products, interiors and mixed materials. The company was first established as an experimental design space in 2011 by Pratt graduates Chen Chen and Kai Williams - their work backgrounds undoubtedly contributing to their playful, yet functional products (Chen through his time at the former New York concept store Moss and Williams with his experience at Tom Sachs’ studio).

The Stacking Planter discretely integrates both a planter and saucer into one form. Lift out the bottom ring to reveal a hidden saucer. The circular stoneware form takes its inspiration from high voltage ceramic insulators found on power lines.  Available in two sizes: short and tall (Tall version is deceptively large).

The design is simple yet fun, serving to showcase the plant in the best way possible. This hand-made terracotta pot's interior is glazed to provide a more polished finish verses many other terracotta pots. Displayed above is the large version coming in at 8.0" in diameter and 8.0" in height. The shorter version measures 4.0" in diameter and 4.0" in height. Area Ware's Stacking Planter is offered in traditional Terracotta, as well as a white finish. 

Both sizes of this wonderfully fun pot can accommodate a host of indoor plant species making it a wonderful option when selecting planters.

Get them here before they're gone, and be sure to visit CCKW's website here to see the rest of their cool projects!

White and standard terracotta shown above, as well as generous drain holes to keep your plants happy and healthy

My plant recommendations:

Pink Princess Philodendron would be a beautiful accompaniment to Area Wares's terracotta colored Stacking Planter.  The lovely dark green hues and splashes of variegation go beautifully with this planter!

White version of this planter has to go to Aglaonema pictum tricolor for me! patches of white variegation and stunning shades of green harmonize well with Area Ware's pot!


OMYSA's "Large Round Planter"

OMYSA's "Large Round Planter" ($95)

If you haven't figured this out by now, blush and peach are IN this year! 

Check out these lovely pots from OMYSA! Each pot is relatively large- 13.0" in diameter and 12.0" in height which should accommodate most 13.0" pots. Since this pot is made of the fiber-glass composite Fiberstone,  it can be used both indoors and outdoors which is great if you're the kind of person who puts their plants outside in the warm seasons. Yes, it has drain holes! For the design, OMYSA chose an egg shaped silhouette with a smooth matte finish. Together, these make for an appealing look that is bound to turn heads and impress guests for countless visits to come.

This highly versatile pot can effortlessly blend in with any décor style without breaking the bank. Place it in any room or adorn your patio with a lively centerpiece.

OMYSA creates premium planters and home accessories designed in Canada. Their promise – quality or nothing. They're confident you’ll love their products, and offer 30 day returns or replacements on all of their items.

Head over and check out OMYSA here! Grab the pots before they're gone!

My plant recommendations:

If mature enough, Begonia maculata wightii would pair beautifully with OMYSA's blush planter! The soft pastel harmonizes with the soft greens of the foliage beautifully!

I think OMYSA nailed it when they chose Philodendron Rojo Congo for their product shot! 

The natural shape that P. Rojo Congo takes, absolutely compliments the planter perfectly!


Wrought Studio's "Kalona Hanger"

Wrought Studio's "Kalona Hanger" ($59)

This simple but lovely hanging pot by Wrought Studio offers a refreshingly simple take on the hanging planter. This pot is made of a thick ceramic with premium leather straps united by a knot at the top for simple hanging!

Offered in your choice of teal gray or gray, "Kalona" weighs a little over 2 lbs and hangs 25.5" from knot to base, with a 5.75" maximum diameter. While this doesn't have a drain hole, I think that's fairly common with many hanging pots. I recommend using a repotted plant rather than potting the plant directly in the planter. 

For a touch of Zen, This planter would be ideal with a hanging fern or tropical plant in the bathroom. Perfect for those with an existing indoor garden, this elegant planter adds depth to a plant wall and will complement any existing home decor from traditional to rustic to contemporary. The included leather straps can be easily adjusted to the desired length and tied to match various height requirements.

Im confident that you'll love this simple and modern design with a color pallet agreeable enough to go with most interiors or exteriors.

Pick it up here before its gone!

My plant recommendations: 

You simply cannot go wrong with a classic like string of pearls. 

While I do think this would make a great pairing, care should be taken not to damage the plant when taking it down to water!

Selenicereus chrysocardium would be GORGEOUS in the gray Kalona pot. 

A trailing foliage form with soft tones of green pair beautifully with the design and color of this pot! 


Speaking of classics, I think  M. adansonii would look beautiful in this pot. 

I've enjoyed letting my adansonii hang as well as climb and they seem to do well either way.

 Adansonii narrow form seems to do a bit better due to a reduction in weight. 

Try it out!


Ivy Mane's "Desert Layered Concrete Planter" 

Ivy Mane's "Desert Layered Concrete Planter" ($35-$50)

If there's a Boho itch that you've been dying to scratch, then check out this wonderful collection by Ivy Mane!

Currently offered in five beautiful colors: Canyon, Colorado River, Tuscan Sunset, Rocky Mountains and Desert Dunes. This hand-made collection offers an exceptionally warm and inviting design that I think would be a delight on any mantel or windowsill. Each piece in the collection is complete with a drain hole so you don't have to worry about drowning your menagerie of photosynthetic friends. 

The Collection is sold individually for $35 without a saucer, and $50 with a saucer.  I will always recommend a saucer not only for form, but function. Each piece comes in at a fun 4.0" in diameter by 4.0" in height- perfect for many types of succulents or smaller houseplants. The owner and creator of Ivy Mane, Rachel, restocks her inventory weekly and has a wonderful storefront of pots and stoneware

Check out this sure to sell out collection here before they're all gone. 

My plant recommendations:

Alocasia baginda

Alocasia baginda- or any other jeweled alocasia for that matter, would marry well with this collection. 

Striking emerald and ornate foliage draws the attention up, while the soft hues of the pot keeps the entire piece grounded. 

Pilea peperomiodes

Pilea peperomiodes is a classic. Commonly paired with terracotta stoneware, or other earthen-colored pots, this fun plant-pot combo can offer warmth to any space.

The colors here just work and fortunately,  P. peperomiodes is a slow growing, smaller plant, making this a perfect houseplant for this collection. 


West Elm's "Pure White Ceramic"

West Elm's "Pure White Ceramic" ($25-$150)

I love this collection!

This wonderfully modern collection from West Elm is offered in three sizes-medium, small and extra small. The medium is actually quite large, I would say that the small is really a medium, and, the extra small is the small! The large pot measures in with a maximum diameter of 11.6" with a 13.4" height. The smallest pot measures 4.6" in diameter with a 5.5" height. 

The styling is light and fresh with a touch of modern. The shape of the medium pot lends itself well to taller plants such as Ficus Lyrata, a pruned Araucaria heterophylla (Norfolk Island Pine), Licuala grandis or even Philodendron melanochrysum. 

The soft egg white color provides a calming to any space. 

Check them out here at West Elm before they're gone!

My plant recommendations:

Licuala cordata grandis

This plant is an absolute show stopper. L. cordata grandis is one of my personal favorites in the house and needs a bold yet minimalist pot to avoid a busy look. 

The shape and form of West Elm's Pure White Ceramic Planter would pair perfectly with this plant.

10/10- would recommend

Philodendron melanochrysum

P. melanochrysum is...mood.

This relatively slow growing philodendron also needs a modern and fresh pot to draw the eyes up to the plant without competing for attention. 

The Deep hues of the large foliage would serve as the perfect compliment to this pot 

Final Thoughts

This has been fun!

I've really enjoyed curating a list of the hottest pots I could find this Summer. I hope that you found something you like and it enhanced your list of pots to check out. 

Personally for me, my plants are not only a font of happiness,  but an opportunity to marry art and nature in the home. The balance between the plant and the pot is delicate, and can be a frustrating line to walk. I'm hoping this collection of planters  has brought you some inspiration for your pot collection, and given you some exposure to artists and craftsmen you hadn't seen before.

I invite you to sign up for the newsletter down below to be alerted when a new blog is posted.

I wish you all the best!


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